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DC Glenn 🎤 Tag Team Back Again with SEO!

January 09, 2024 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
DC Glenn 🎤 Tag Team Back Again with SEO!
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DC has been in the music industry for 3+ decades and has an obsession with SEO
He made musical history as DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team with his multi-platinum hit single and album "​ Whoomp… There Is! "
He has his own digital marketing company called CLG Investments Inc.
He is an entrepreneur at heart; he has a passion for empowering, educating, and leaving a legacy of inspiration for his fellow artists.
Please welcome DC The Brain Supreme!

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What's up SEO squad! Today we got hip hop legend and SEO master DC Glenn in the house. DC has been dropping knowledge bombs all episode so let me break down the biggest takeaways for you.

First up, DC talked about how he got into SEO in the first place. Back in 2011, there was this whole media frenzy because someone thought Barack Obama was in Tag Team's music video for "Whoomp There It Is." DC had no online presence at the time and realized he needed to step up his SEO game.

So DC started going hard learning everything he could about SEO. He gave props to SEO pros like Jeffrey Smith and Marco B for putting him on game early in his journey. The key for DC was learning how to think in an SEO mindset - thinking backwards about how to answer people's search queries.

Next, we got into DC's strategies for ranking #1 on Google. His formula is simple but effective - analyze the competition, make sure your on-page SEO is on point, and then let your schema markup dictate the rest of the content on the page. Oh, and you gotta have pristine H-tags or you're leaving money on the table!

DC also talked about the power of IMDb and IMDb Pro for building entities and triggering knowledge panels. He uploads all his press clippings and images to Flickr because it has super high domain authority. Then he pulls metadata and schema from IMDb to connect himself to other celebs and authority sites. This creates "skinergy" as DC calls it and gets him ranking for all kinds of entertainment related keywords.

Speaking of entertainment, DC shared how he uses SEO to book shows and grow his music career. He joins organizations like the International Entertainment Buyers Association to network directly with the people who book venues and concerts. And he thinks carefully about how to position his 90s nostalgia rap act to appeal to buyers. It's all about using the right keywords!

We also got into how DC is leveraging AI to enhance his marketing. He's using ChatGPT to generate optimized schema markup, prompts, articles, and anything else he needs! DC even shared how he "thinks in prompts" now to come up with creative solutions to problems. And he's constantly optimizing his prompts to get the best output.

Towards the end, DC dropped some key advice for anyone trying to learn SEO. Number one, go to conferences and meet people! The language will be confusing at first but you'll learn so much hanging around the pros. And don't be afraid to ask questions. Just say please and people will be happy to help if you're genuine.

I could go on all day but those were some of the biggest takeaways from my chat with the legend DC Glenn. Let me know what you thought in the comments! And make sure to check out DC on all his socials - just search "DC Glenn Tag Team" and you'll find him. He's optimized them all lol.

Alright y'all, that's a wrap for today. Hope you enjoyed this SEO knowledge bomb! Stay tuned for more videos every week right here. Now go out there and level up your SEO game!