SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps

Andrew Ansley 📈 Increase Rankings with Entity SEO

January 09, 2024 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Andrew Ansley 📈 Increase Rankings with Entity SEO
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Andrew is a data-driven SEO and content marketer.
He sold his agency to focus on directing organic marketing efforts for enterprise businesses.
He's written SEO-specific 10k+ word mega guides for SEO software companies.
He sold hundreds of copies of his underground local SEO ranking SOP.
He is currently working full-time as the Director of Content and Communications.
He ranks #1 for entity SEO.
Please welcome Andrew Ansley!

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Andrew dropped some serious knowledge bombs during his SEO Knowledge Bomb interview! As an enterprise SEO expert who has created long-form content and ranking strategies for major software brands, he shared invaluable insights.

Let's break down Andrew's best tips.

He kicked things off explaining how he continues to rank #1 - clean site architecture, solid internal linking, comprehensible content. Google wants to easily crawl and understand your content, so optimize it for machines, not just humans!

Andrew didn't start in SEO; he actually has a philosophy degree! Needing an income, he reached out to all the SEOs in Nashville asking to shadow them or work for free. He found a mentor, then learned by consuming every bit of content from Moz, Signals Lab, and SEO Facebook groups. He also asked nonstop questions and attended conferences. Eventually he began consulting clients hands-on, getting critical in-the-trenches experience.

Now, Andrew is an authority on entity-based SEO. What are entities? Uniquely identifiable concepts that search engines comprehend - like Apple the company vs apple the fruit. By targeting entities rather than just keywords, you help search engines grasp precisely what your content covers.

Crafting topical maps is crucial for entity SEO. Essentially an organized conceptual framework, an effective topical map explores subtopics related to a core entity. Using glasses as an example, Andrew scans Wikipedia, Google suggestions, AnswerSocrates, and images for shapes, materials, types, purposes etc. By linking cross-referential content nodes, you establish authority and relevance.

Regarding internal linking, Andrew emphasizes a semantic, academic approach. Think of website pages like a book chapter with hierarchical sections. Use contextual links to smoothly guide readers and searchbots from general ideas to precise concepts. And place key links as close as possible to high-level headers for maximum influence.

Andrew believes entity optimization, not link authority, is the future of SEO. Continue enhancing how well search engines comprehend content, and ranking will follow. Entity principles drive all AI, including chatbots like Claude, so mastering it equips you for long-term success.

If you want to learn directly from Andrew, find him on YouTube and LinkedIn as Andrew Ansley. He also offers an SEO tool called Content Sprout. To become an SEO pro, Andrew suggests Korumeus Hreflang's blog, SEO By The Sea, and Google patents. But most importantly, get hands-on experience! Offer free work, or even pay for the opportunity to rank real sites. Practice will accelerate your skills exponentially.

Those were the key takeaways I gathered from Andrew. Let me know what knowledge bombs resonated most with you!