SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps

Jordan Koene πŸ›‘ Stop the Overhype On SEO Updates

September 30, 2023 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Jordan Koene πŸ›‘ Stop the Overhype On SEO Updates
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Jordan is an ambitious leader with a passion for the search industry.

His connection with search has developed him into an industry leader, addressing new challenges for the SEO market.

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Previsible, a Search Education and Consulting practice.

He was the CEO of Searchmetrics and was the Head of SEO and Content Development at eBay.

He has presented at various industry events, including SMX, Pubcon, and Content Marketing World, where he shares insights into success within the Search and Content industry.

Please welcome veteran SEO and thought leader Jordan Koene!

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I'm back with another jam-packed episode of the SEO Knowledge Bomb podcast! In this week's show, I sat down with veteran search expert Jordan Koene to pick his brain on all things SEO. With over 20 years in the industry, Jordan shared so many invaluable insights.

We kicked off the conversation by going way back to the early days of Jordan's SEO career. He first got hooked on SEO in 2001 when he built a Spanish language bookstore that managed to outrank Amazon in the search results. Since Amazon only sold English books at the time, this was a huge accomplishment! Jordan's early success sparked his passion for SEO that still burns bright today.

Back in the 2000s, SEO education resources were scarce. Jordan was largely self-taught, relying on websites like Aaron Wall's SEO Book and lots of testing and experimentation. With no university programs or formal training, perseverance and creativity were must-have traits for early SEOs.

When I asked what Jordan enjoys most about SEO, his answer reaffirmed why he's an industry leader. He loves that SEO allows you to influence every part of an online business. Unlike other marketing channels, SEO requires an expansive view of how each piece fits together. Jordan gets energized by working with executives, content creators, developers and others to build a cohesive SEO strategy.

Transitioning to hot topics, Jordan cautioned about the overhype surrounding recent SEO news. While innovations like AI are important, nonstop speculation can inhibit SEOs from focusing on effective day-to-day work.

He used all the buzz around Yandex as a prime example. While an interesting development, Yandex has close to zero relevance for most SEO professionals. However, some coverage made it seem like a dire threat to Google. Jordan advises keeping major updates in perspective. Not every algorithm change or AI announcement warrants panic.

Speaking of AI, I asked Jordan point blank if SEO is doomed in the age of ChatGPT. He firmly believes core SEO skills will remain crucial for businesses even as technology evolves. Past premature predictions of SEO's demise, like with the rise of voice search, have proven false. Google's constant innovations cause understandable anxiety, but learning and adapting never stop for successful SEOs.

Shifting gears, Jordan gave us an inside look at his company Previsible. They view SEO success as a cycle of consulting, training and ultimately hiring the ideal in-house SEOs. Previsible focuses on hands-on SEO consulting and education to transform companies into organic search machines.

When I pressed Jordan for tips on growing an SEO career, he emphasized the critical importance of constant learning. Great SEOs actively expand their skills and knowledge every single day. Jordan warns against complacency or limiting yourself to a niche like β€œtechnical SEO”. Make improving soft skills like communication a priority alongside analytical and technical abilities.

I also picked Jordan's brain about whether Bing SEO deserves more attention. While Google reigns supreme, he advised optimizing for any search engine with significant market share in your niche. Jordan pointed to challenges like getting adequate crawl coverage as an area where Bing and Google SEO diverge. Essentially, don't ignore Bing - but don't over-prioritize it either for most sites.

Finally, I asked Jordan to share his best advice for aspiring SEOs. He stressed the importance of hands-on practice above all else. Jordan suggests starting your own website project to actively learn what works. SEO contains nuances you can't fully master through courses alone. Rolling up your sleeves and trying strategies yourself is the only way to excel.

That wraps up the key insights from my fascinating chat with SEO icon Jordan Koene. With over 20 years of experience working with massive brands, Jordan provided so much hard-won wisdom. Let me know on social media what your main takeaways were from this episode. I hope you found this detailed recap valuable. Be sure to check out the full interview for even more gems!