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Mark A. Preston 📚 SEO Business Mindset Coach

September 22, 2023 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Mark A. Preston 📚 SEO Business Mindset Coach
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Mark is an SEO consultant and advisor who has been doing SEO since 2001.

He has built a lead generation affiliate marketing business.

He founded a multi-location agency with zero investment and established a 50+ franchise digital marketing business.

He is a published best-selling author and speaker.

He speaks at marketing conferences and corporate events around the world

He installs a logical thinking business development SEO mindset with everything he does.

Please welcome Mark A Preston!

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Welcome back SEO freaks! I had the pleasure of speaking with renowned SEO expert Mark A Preston on today's episode. Mark has been doing SEO since 2001 and has built multiple successful businesses in the industry. He shared so many incredible insights that will help take your SEO game to the next level.

Let's start with Mark's #1 tip for ranking on page one of Google - build a brand people want to do business with, and Google will love you forever. It's all about providing true value to your audience. Don't just chase rankings and keywords. Focus on serving people and the rest will follow.

I asked Mark how he first got started in SEO way back in 2001. He was working as a mechanic at the time and had to switch careers due to family health issues. He started creating websites in different industries to generate leads he could sell to businesses. Within 3 years he had built over 100 sites! His strategy was analyzing what everyone else was doing and then testing new approaches on his own sites.

When it comes to learning SEO, Mark emphasized the importance of testing, testing, testing. He didn't have a mentor, so experimenting on his own sites allowed him to find what worked. Always be looking at what others are doing, but also try different things to differentiate yourself and get ahead.

So what makes SEO so engaging for Mark after all these years? He loves that you can make a real positive difference in people's lives and businesses. It's about so much more than just rankings. You get to contribute to the futures of both clients and their customers.

Okay, let's get into some actionable tactics. I asked Mark to share his favorite ways to find new SEO clients. LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine according to him. You can connect directly with decision makers, no gatekeepers. Simply send a connect request saying you wanted them to know you exist. Ask them to check out your profile in case there's potential for mutual benefit. No hard selling!

Your LinkedIn profile should clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and who you help. It's not just an online resume. Explain the value you provide so prospects understand why they should work with you.

Once you've got some leads, what questions should you ask to qualify them? Mark says don't just ask generic questions about goals. Have real conversations to understand their business and what success looks like for them. Ask thought provoking questions like "What are your plans for the business?" or "What's important to you?" This builds rapport while also revealing if they'd be a good fit.

When it comes time to bring up your services, focus on the potential impact and what matters most to that prospect. Ask questions like "What's your average customer worth to you?" and "What profit margin do you work on?" Now you can calculate the ROI they'll get by partnering with you.

Mark's tactic for closing deals is keeping it simple - never more than a 5 slide presentation. They want to know cost, what you'll do, and timing. Craft an offer they can't refuse by showcasing the revenue they'll miss out on by not hiring you.

I asked Mark how he determines what to charge clients. He prefers value-based pricing rather than hourly. Look at the extra revenue you'll generate for them and price your fee as a small percentage, like 5-10% of that. If you'll make them an extra $1 million, charging $50-100k is reasonable.

What if prospects say your price is too high? Mark stresses the importance of getting their budget upfront before presenting an offer. Give ranges like some clients pay $2k/month while others pay $50k. Now you can tailor your pricing to what they can afford.

Once you've got a new client, how soon should they expect results? Mark loves being asked this because he flips the question back on them - why are YOU asking? This reveals if there are hidden expectations so you can adjust accordingly.

We had some great questions from the audience. Mark's advice for building a personal brand on LinkedIn - Determine your niche and what you want to be known for. Clearly communicate that value everywhere.

For acquiring clients solely through LinkedIn, follow up consistently with your outreach. Don't hard sell if they're already happy with another provider. Build the relationship over time.

When promoting yourself on LinkedIn, use a variety of formats - video, articles, images, PDFs. But most importantly, share real results and testimonials from clients you've helped.

Mark left us with a key piece of advice - don't be afraid to try new things as you get started in SEO. Experiment across different focus areas until you find what you truly enjoy.

That wraps up the key highlights from my interview with Mark A Preston. He gave us so much wisdom around the SEO mindset, sales, LinkedIn, and providing massive value to your clients. I hope you found these takeaways helpful. Let me know what you found most useful in the comments!