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Barry Schwartz 📰 Start Your Own SEO Publisher Site

September 22, 2023 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Barry Schwartz 📰 Start Your Own SEO Publisher Site
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Barry is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales.
He founded the Search Engine Roundtable and has covered the search for over 20 years.
He is also the News Editor at Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land.
He is a speaker, moderator, and coordinator at many conferences, including Search Marketing Expo, Search Engine Strategies, PubCon, and more.
In 2019, he was awarded the Outstanding Community Services Award from Search Engine Land.
He is often quoted and interviewed in publications such as Forbes, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and more
Please welcome Barry Schwartz!

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Intro: What's up SEO knowledge bomb listeners! I'm back with another jam-packed episode. Today I had the honor of interviewing internet legend Barry Schwartz, founder of Search Engine Roundtable and News Editor at Search Engine Land.

Barry has been covering search for over 20 years and is considered one of the top experts in the industry. I was able to pick his brain on everything from staying on top of Google updates to building a successful SEO publication.

So get ready to have your mind blown as I share the top takeaways from my chat with Barry.

Takeaway 1: Leverage Twitter for quick Google rankings

When I asked Barry how someone could get to page one of Google in a minute or less, he dropped a serious knowledge bomb - use Twitter! Barry said that for certain types of queries, tweeting something can get you into Google's search results literally within seconds, especially if it triggers one of their Twitter carousels. Pretty crazy right? Just shows the power of social signals.

Takeaway 2: Consume industry forums and publications

I wanted to know how Barry stays on top of all the latest Google updates and algorithm changes before anyone else. He said it takes a TON of work - he tracks everything from Google documentation to SEO forums and publications. Barry stressed the importance of reading what other SEOs are seeing and saying. He's constantly consuming content via RSS feeds, Twitter lists, Google alerts and more.

Takeaway 3: Accept and embrace change

When I asked Barry what skills are important for SEO publishers, he emphasized being comfortable with constant change. The SEO industry evolves extremely fast. You have to be willing to test new things and pivot as needed. Rigidity will only lead to getting left behind.

Takeaway 4: Build relationships with search engines

Barry talked about having inside PR relationships with Google and Bing. For those trying to also develop connections there, he recommended starting by building your reputation as a writer and thought leader. Write great content and gain a following, and the search engines may eventually reach out to you.

Takeaway 5: Prioritize topics based on importance

With so many potential topics to cover, how does Barry decide what to write about? He curates based on what he thinks readers want to hear and what seems most important that day. For example, Google algorithm updates always take priority. He also keeps posts to 5-6 per day max so he doesn't overwhelm people.

Takeaway 6: Have integrity and don't compromise for money

I asked Barry how he maintains credibility after 20 years. He stressed never publishing private info and always properly citing sources. Barry said he refuses to compromise the quality of his content for revenue. Staying objective, transparent and honest is key.

Takeaway 7: Promote community voices

One thing that sets Barry's publication apart is his lack of bias and focus on showcasing the SEO community. He prominently links out to sources and embeds tweets to credit others' opinions. Fostering community trust and engagement is a huge priority.

Takeaway 8: Optimize content for search intent

Barry doesn't do much deliberate SEO for his own site, but optimizes content based on how people search. For example, he's strategic with internal linking to highlight related topics readers might want to learn about. He also has fun with images and words to attract more attention.

Takeaway 9: Hard work is required

For those looking to get into SEO, Barry emphasized there are no shortcuts. You have to study, take classes, read books, make test sites and dedicate years to honing your skills. Also get real-world experience with clients. Passion and persistence are musts to succeed in this field.

Outro: There you have it SEO knowledge bombers! Barry Schwartz dropping straight knowledge. Definitely take notes on these key insights from the master himself. Until next time, keep crushing it with that SEO and we'll catch you on the next episode. Boom!