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Nick LeRoy 📚 SEO Consultant Masterclass

September 22, 2023 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Nick LeRoy 📚 SEO Consultant Masterclass
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Nick LeRoy is a freelance SEO consultant, podcaster, and newsletter author in St. Paul, Minnesota.
He specializes in SEO strategy, technical SEO, editorial strategy, and website migrations through his company Nick LeRoy Consulting.
He is the author of two SEO-focused newsletters: #SEOForLunch and The SEO Freelancer, and owner of the boutique job board

Please welcome Nick LeRoy!

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nick LeRoy, a seasoned SEO consultant, podcaster, and newsletter author based in Minnesota. Nick shared so many valuable insights from his 15 years of experience in the industry.

First off, I asked Nick how he gets clients ranking on page one of Google. His answer - focus on having an incredible product or service first. He said all the SEO in the world won't keep you at the top long term without a high quality offering behind it. I found this advice so refreshing, since we can get caught up chasing rankings without considering the actual business value.

When I asked about how Nick got started in SEO, he talked about taking an entry level job right out of college in 2008. He didn't know much about SEO but was eager to learn. Nick consumed every resource he could - forums, blogs, whiteboard videos from Moz. He grew inch by inch through constant testing and trial and error. His competitive nature kept him striving to learn more each day.

After getting experience working in-house and at agencies, Nick went out on his own as a freelancer about 4 years ago. He prefers working with a handful of high-value enterprise clients, providing strategic guidance at a fractional CMO level. Many of his clients come through referrals, which emphasizes the importance of networking and building a personal brand.

I was interested to learn how Nick prices his services. He's a big believer in value-based pricing rather than hourly rates. After auditing a site, he sets goals for the incremental value he believes he can provide - for example, increasing revenue by 1-2%. Then he bases his pricing on delivering that value. This aligns incentives for the client and consultant.

Nick shared that being organized, detail-oriented, and reliable are critical as a consultant. He lives and dies by his calendar and massive to-do lists to stay on track across multiple clients. When asked about work-life balance, Nick talked about being careful not to sacrifice time with his young kids. He fits in extra hours early mornings or after they go to bed.

In terms of common mistakes Nick sees from freelancers, he said not charging enough is number one. As you gain experience and case studies, you should incrementally increase rates. He also cautioned against selling yourself solely on hours worked rather than the value delivered.

I appreciated Nick's transparency when asked if he's ever had to "fire" a client. He shared an experience where he had a heart-to-heart with a CMO about why their engagement was not successful. Ultimately they worked through the issues, and the client became one of his best. This story showed the importance of open communication.

For consultants trying to get new clients, Nick emphasized networking consistently, whether online or at conferences and events. Creating valuable content is also key - look for opportunities to post on popular SEO sites. And engage on social media, which can lead to organic lead generation.

When I asked for Nick's top advice for succeeding as an SEO freelancer, he stressed starting slow by moonlighting, rather than quitting your job right away. Test the waters by taking on a client or two nights and weekends. This will help you understand the full scope of responsibilities. Nick also talked about the value of diversity - combining client work with your own assets and projects.

I want to thank Nick for sharing so much hard-earned wisdom on the SEO Knowledge Bomb podcast. His insights on delivering real business value, leading with expertise, and building strong relationships were incredibly helpful. I hope these takeaways provide tons of value to SEO pros looking to excel in freelancing and consulting!