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Lisa Parziale 🤑 How to Start a 7-figure SEO Agency

September 22, 2023 Paul Andre de Vera
SEO Knowledge Bomb Podcast | SEO Video Show Recaps
Lisa Parziale 🤑 How to Start a 7-figure SEO Agency
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Lisa started building websites in 1997.
She spent the last decade building a 7-figure digital marketing agency that enabled her to quit her corporate executive job.
She also founded Agency Fast Track to help agency owners, SEOs, and web developers,
Learn and implement techniques and processes to build and scale their six- or 7-figure business.
Her super-power is creating systems that simplify running and scaling a "freedom business."
She is a Speaker at SEO Rockstars and SEO Spring Training
Please welcome Lisa Parziale.

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Hey everyone, it's Dre here with another episode of the SEO Knowledge Bomb podcast. Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Parziale, an expert in building and scaling successful digital agencies. Lisa shared so many invaluable insights, so let's dive right into the key takeaways.

First off, when asked how she would get a website ranking on the first page of Google, Lisa emphasized starting with the most important action you can take right now to make the biggest impact. Don't try to do everything at once. Focus on the 20% of efforts that will drive 80% of results.

We then took a trip down memory lane to 1997 when Lisa first started building websites. Back then, all you had to do was add some hidden keywords and you could rank. SEO really emerged later as a way to drive traffic to the sites web developers were building. Lisa got into it to better serve her customers.

In terms of learning SEO, Lisa took online courses, went to conferences like SEO Rockstars, and joined masterminds. She says conferences are great for laser focusing on one key thing you want to learn. Don't try to absorb everything. Pick your one big takeaway and master it.

When building her agency, Lisa leveraged skills she already had in web development and design. She created sites ranking for services like website design and SEO'd herself to attract customers. Targeting broader services beyond just SEO casts a wider net for leads.

On sales calls, Lisa establishes trust by not selling on the first call. She consults and listens to identify true needs. This results in a 70-80% close rate versus 20-30% with traditional selling.

To differentiate, Lisa focuses on humanizing through more personal outreach and follow-up. Few agencies take the time to properly follow up and nurture leads. Don't let hard-earned leads slip away.

On recurring revenue, Lisa discovered web hosting was generating significant passive income. Look for complementary services to add monthly retainers. Solve real problems creatively and charge ongoing fees.

When building systems, break down tasks step-by-step from start to finish. Organize them based on priority. Laser focus on your niche before trying to scale. Saying yes to everything leaves you stretched thin.

For new SEOs, Lisa suggests deciding whether you want to work for an agency, in-house, or for yourself. Get hands-on experience by ranking your own sites. Confidence is key. She failed early on before finding what worked. Keep trying and learning.

There you have it - the major takeaways from my informative chat with Lisa Parziale. She provided so much value around strategically building an agency, lead generation, high-converting sales, recurring revenue, effective systems, and getting started in SEO. Big thanks to Lisa for dropping this SEO knowledge bomb!

Let me know what you thought about this episode and if you have any other key takeaways I may have missed. Looking forward to continuing the conversation. Until next time, stay driven!